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I feel the anticipation building, stretching through my insides. Tomorrow, I can begin to write, really write. Winter term is done. Grades were submitted, graduation attended. Summer online classes are ready to go. So tomorrow, after I drop off my son at school and after my doctor’s appointment, I get to park myself in my office and just write for several hours straight. No interruptions. Heaven.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all year.

Vaguely, I wonder if Isabel Allende feels this same kind of anticipation as she prepares to start writing a new book on January 8. All the ideas and inspirations boiling down to one starting date, when the gates open and it can all rush out.

It’s like the anticipation a child feels, counting down the days for the BIG trip to Disney.

Or the anticipation a high school senior feels as prom and graduation get near.

Granted, I’m not starting a new book. It’s really not that big a deal except that I’m going to get to write. A lot. More than one or two hours straight, more than one or two days in a row. Without interruption. And not at night, when the weariness of the day weighs me down. In broad daylight, well rested. That’s a HUGE deal!

I’ve been keeping up, revising scenes, organizing chapters, developing characters and story some more. I have a few new nuggets of this world I’m building that I want to explore (though some have evaporated because I didn’t write them down in time–talk about frustrating!) It’s just, well, they’re a lot of starts and stops. I work best when I can warm up and keep writing and starting tomorrow, I’m going to get that chance.

So cheers: here’s to a great month of writing!

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