My Amazingly Talented Cousin–Check her out!

If you like music (and really, who doesn’t?) you have to check out my beautiful and amazingly, crazingly talented cousin, Natalie Duque.  She’s a singer-songwriter with a soulful voice that stays with you well after the song’s ended. Last year, she released the EP “Show and Tell” and her new EP “Shine Your Light” is now streaming at her website The new songs will be available in iTunes soon and I can’t wait to purchase them and add them to my project playlist (because, of course I have a playlist of songs that inspire me!!) My favorite in the new EP? I think it’s “So Close,” though the other two, “When I Fall” and “Pieces” are just as awesome!

So check her out. Go to her website, listen to her songs, check out her videos, Like her on FB and follow her on Twitter!

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