Poetry is my first love. When I can’t think in logical sentences, when I can only feel, poems help me shape those feelings into ideas and thoughts. One of the things I love about poetry is the ability to make language dance. Language, when done well, is a fragrant bloom in the wind, swaying to the rhythm of nature.

April 2019–YARN:Doing High School When You’re a Señorita,” “I Don’t Know,” “First Date,” “Still Feels Like Home

November 2017–The Acentos Review:The Room With the Espantos,” “Wanderlust,” and “The Me in the Mirror

Fall 2017–The Atlanta Review: “Inheritance” (Finalist, 2017 Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition)

April 2017–YARN:Where I’m From” (Winner, 2017 Finding Home contest)

Fall 2016–Rio Grande Review: “Viejo Fight”

May 2016–The Acentos Review:When You Died: An Abecedarian,” “Conversaciones With My Late Father

2001–FIU’s VOX: “Lipstick,” “October,” “Penn Station”