Writing Spaces

Last week, one of my critique partners and I were discussing our writing habits. I like to write with music on, set to a playlist for that specific project. I have earphones on to drown out all other noise, and I plunge in, letting the music carry me back into my world. I also prefer writing on a table, where I can rest my arms more comfortably. Because my inflammatory arthritis affects my fingers and wrists more than other joints, a good table is a must (though when push comes to shove, I can really write anywhere–I’ve been known to lug my laptop around and work anywhere, including my doctor’s office)! I can write alone in my house or in a cafe full of people–it doesn’t matter as long as I have my music, earphones, and laptop. She, on the other hand, can’t write to music, prefers writing in a big, comfy chair where she can curl up with her laptop and type. She has to work in a public place, like a cafe, where the mere fact of having to drown out noise helps her focus.

Isn’t it amazing how we approach the same creative process in so many different ways?

By the way, if you love peeking at where authors do their writing, you need to check out Meagan Spooner’s In Search of the Write Space series on her blog. In it, she features authors and their work spaces!