Biggest. Grammar. Pet. Peeve.


It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. I’m not a grammar saint. I break the rules sometimes. But some rules are not meant to be broken. For example, “I” and “me.” “I” is a subject pronoun–it’s used in the subjects of sentences. “Me” is an object–it’s used as an object of a preposition or verb. Many people tend to think one should always use “I” because it’s “proper.” In fact, I’ve been told by my students, “So-and-so teacher told me to always use ‘I.'” HECK NO. These are not interchangeable!


My friend and I (NOT “me”) are excited about the SCBWI conference. “I” is part of the subject of this sentence.

The registration fee covers my friend and me. (NOT “I”) “Me” is the object of the verb “covers.”

If you’re not sure, remove the other people and read the sentence with just the “I” or “me” and see if it make sense. In the first sentence above, which makes more sense? “Me am excited” or “I am excited”? (you’ll obviously have to change the verb to agree in number). In the second, which works? “The fee covers me” or “The fee covers I”?  The answer in both cases is clear.

*I’ll step off my soap box now*