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Query Pitch for TTWC

Welp, it looks like I might have a new query pitch for THROUGH THE WALLED CITY! Here it is:

The last thing fifteen-year-old Micaela Uribe wants is to spend her summer in hotter-than-hell Cartagena, Colombia for her grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary.

That changes when she walks through the gates of the historic walled city and finds herself slipping through the very fabric of time. Soon, she’s hit 2002, 1965, and the late 1800’s. The catch? She has no control, no way of knowing when in Cartagena’s turbulent years she’ll land, but one thing is clear: Time keeps pushing her further and further back, intertwining her family’s past with that of Cartagena’s.

And she’s not alone. Her cousin’s best friend, Gianluca Echevarria, can also time travel and their collective pasts may be more linked than she could’ve ever imagined. When her grandmother dies suddenly, Micaela seeks her in the past and Gianluca goes with her. Only, they’re thrust to 1586, right in the middle of Sir Francis Drake’s infamous attack on Cartagena. With the only exit to the city blocked by pirates, she must piece together what Time is trying so hard to tell her—before tragedy strikes and she loses the boy she likes, the chance to see her grandmother again, and her life.

THROUGH THE WALLED CITY, a YA magical realism, is a story about the power of faith and unlikely second chances. It’s complete at 60,000* words. 

*I’m in the final stages of revision, so this is the word count as it is. It will probably change slightly in the next couple of weeks.

What do you think?

I’ve been putting the drafts through AgentQueryConnect, QueryTracker Forums, and the WriteOnCon Forums in preparation for WriteOnCon in 8 days. These are great resources! You learn by giving and receiving feedback–it’s all a give and take.

Happy writing!

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