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Blogging hiatus over

The semester has ended, grades were turned in, and I’m now officially, 100% off for the summer. For the first time since…well, since I began working! I mean, sure, I’ve had the last couple summers “off,” but I always taught extra online. I never had a clean break. This summer, I do.

And after the grading marathon (which I’m beginning to think will be a great prep for writing deadlines down the road…), I feel something like this:


I’m still recovering.

But it’s good to be off. In the three days I’ve been off, I’ve worked on the UCLA class I’m taking, I’ve revised 1 chapter in WIP, met with my writing group to read said chapter, written a little and plotted the next few chapters, and spent the afternoons with my son, going to the park and enjoying the sun.

Have I mentioned that it’s good to be off?

More than anything, I’m looking forward to finally kicking this flare-up buh-bye. It’s been a challenging seven months, health-wise, and I want to put that behind me. I need a break.

Now off to write some more! Happy writing!

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