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The Biggest Zap of Creativity

My creative muse has been at a zero these days. Not that it’s any excuse not to write (although, I will hold on to that tightly as to why I haven’t been blogging – writing I have been doing, just not on here). Between another change in schedules for my hubby, my son deciding to refuse sleep, and responsibilities of online classes (both as instructor and student) have left me drained of creativity. I am now trying to get back on track, especially since my son has been kind enough to get some of his sleep back on track. Apparently, it had something to do with separation anxiety. How fun.

We did take a small getaway to Disney, one of my favorite places in the world. I ignore all the ba-humbugs about corporate and capitalistic monopolies and simply enjoy going to a place where I can feel like a proverbial child again. So what if I have to pay $20 for a meal that feeds two and a half people. So what if I have to wait in the grueling heat, sweat bathing my skin, to enter the cool 7 seconds of a ride. I don’t care. I will have to say, though, that going with a toddler is quite the experience. My son absolutely LOVES Disney, definitely got that from mom and dad. His first trip was when he was 6 months old and we’ve been there about four or five times – in a year and a half. Not bad. 😉 Now, though, he’s walking everywhere but he’s still sticking everything in his mouth and his mouth on everything. That makes for some hair-standing, teeth-gritting moments when I find myself yelling, L, NOT IN YOUR MOUTH! Of course, if it were paper or some small thing that hasn’t been touched by the million and one visitors it wouldn’t be so bad. But, no, he likes to go for things that have been handled and manhandled. Tastier, I assume, but of how my heart paused whenever he did that. Thoughts of swine flu, resistent bacteria, measles, mumps and ruebella, and an array of other “bugs” swarmed my mind. Thankfully, though, it seems as if all was digested well and no crazy symptoms have appeared.

He did love the characters and character meals. He knows them by name: ma-mouse (both Mickey and Minnie are priviledged to share this title), Puto (Pluto) – and for a brief while, he was saying Puta and you can imagine what a riot that was – Meemo (Nemo), Eeelo (Lilo), Itch (Stitch). I don’t think he was able to say Donald Duck or Goofy, although he tried. He ran up to each character, holding out his Disney Autograph Book and matching pen which Nana had bought him on the previous trip, and gleafully watched as each overstuffed character was able to maneuver the pen and pad and provide the awaited signature. He gave them a hi-five, laughed with them with his quirky, covered mouth laugh, and went on his way to the next character. It was cute.

Here are some pics we took over at the parks:

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