Hello December

November was rough. Not only did I go through one of the worse flare-ups since I started this whole fibro/UCTD journey, but papers piled up and I got behind on writing and editing. I bowed out of Nano at 19K words–which hey, at least I got 19,000 words in TTWC! I’m okay with that. By Thanksgiving, I was coming up for air. Now, flare has ebbed, papers are getting graded, and I’ve had a moment of clarity in respect to Soul Mountain–something that was holding me back from completing suggested revisions. And in two weeks, I’m done with the semester. Rest and writing and family and cruise. Heck yeah!

December’s looking to be a great month–it’s already started that way! Look for lots of pictures of our cruise later in the month and this blog blowing up with posts temporarily. 😉

Then in January, I’m attending the SCBWI Miami Conference. If you’re in the area–or even if you’re not–it’s an amazing conference with industry professionals and authors, wonderful workshops, and fantabulous opportunity for meeting other writers and networking! I’m very much looking forward to it.

Happy writing, blog friends!

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