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Life’s a Box of Disappointments

But then really, is that something new? C’est la vie. I received today my second rejection letter; this time it was for the MFA program. Realistically, I know that if I would’ve gotten in, it would’ve been tough. It’s hard enough juggling work with motherhood, but juggling work, motherhood and school – whew! Still, I can’t say it doesn’t hurt and even chip away even more at my confidence. I know I write well; I’ve been commended on several occasions. I’ve even told that I had the hardest part out of the way: finding my own voice. But still, when rejection after rejection come, it’s easy to falter and think it’s not good enough.

But I will keep writing – even if for a fraction of a second I think to hang my coat up and just put it all away. I can’t stop. I really started when my dad died, and I can’t stop. I won’t. I refuse to give up. These rejections will, someday, turn into acceptance letters!

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