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Disney Cruise, Day 1, Cont’d

The meal at Tritons was pleasant, and our waiters were superb. Zeldy, from the Philippines was our server and Danielle, from England, was our Assistant server. I’m not sure if it’s the same in other cruises, but it’s great to meet people from all over the world. Taking the line from one of Disney’s rides, “It’s a small world after all!” They were so nice, and they made us and L feel at home. On the first night at Triton’s, there was a small cup with L’s name on the lid, drawn alongside some Mickey ears. Once they knew he liked orange juice, L would have two cups waiting for him at dinner-time: one with water, the other with orange juice.

Our table, #57, would remain the same table throughout the cruise and Zeldy and Danielle would rotate with us throughout the restaurants. We did not share a table with anyone, and there were always plenty of alternatives, and crayons, to make dining a wonderful experience. And to end the night at Triton’s, they brought me a birthday cake and sang happy birthday. Granted, it’s early for my birthday, but this year’s a biggie for me – the big 3-0. So we took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays on board. The cake was a yellow-cake with strawberry cream filling in the middle and whipped, buttercream topping. There was a piece of white chocolate decorated with a picture of the cruise ship and the words “Happy Birthday” written on the bottom. That piece sat on top of the cake. It was scrumptious! Before we received the cake, we had ordered dessert: creme brule with a cappuccino. Yum! And to top it off, the steamed some milk for L!

The night ended with a walk around the ship and a trip to Flounder’s Nursery, where L couldn’t wait to go in and play. We decided to try it out and left him there for an hour while we walked around some more and headed over to try and see “The Golden Mickeys,” the first night’s broadway-type show. Unfortunately, we were exhausted from the day’s trip, so we rounded L, met Goofy in a sailor’s suit along the way, and headed back to our room. We had a towel elephant on our dresser and some chocolates, along with the next day’s agenda on the Disney’s Navigator (or was it Mickey’s Navigator – I can’t remember right now). L had his bath time, and the three of us headed to slumber land on their queen bed.

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