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Who you callin’ a fool, fool?!

It is no secret that babies become toddlers whose favorite word is “NO!” For some (lucky one), this new stage comes after they reach two; for others, the stage begins soon after their first birthdays when they realize just how powerful their language is. Not only can they make themselves understood, but lo and behold, they can make mommy and daddy’s eyes bulge out, faces contorted in frustration, anger, and possibly hysteria. It is a marvelous age, really. L can be grouped in the latter, with “no” being his absolute favorite word as of late. My cousin told me about this “no” stage when her son would say no to everything, including a million dollars. It’s very close to maddening, she told me. I would have to agree (and I’m sure my hubby would, too!).

Of course, I like putting things to the test. I’ve tested reactions to food before, including raw onion rings on a burger (he liked those, lord knows why), as well as other things here and there. So I tested this one out as well on our car ride back from the beach.

“L, do you want milk?”
“Do you want to go outside?”
“Do you want to eat?”
“Do you want to play with Abui?”
“Do you want a million dollars?”
“Ohhhhh,” he replied, raising his chin and looking at mi de reojo. That’s his way of saying yes.

I wonder what must go through his head. Does he even know what a million dollars are? Does he know how they can change a person’s life, and not always for the better? I really do wonder if the little wheels that move him to speak can really allow him to grasp the concept of that question. Or maybe he just didn’t recognize the option in that question and decided, eh, what the heck, let’s go with yes here.

Ah, toddlers.

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