Downtown Cocoa Beach, FL

Wednesday, we took a short road trip to downtown Cocoa Beach, a quaint beach town that made us reminisce of our single, younger days. A few things that caught my attention were the tatoo parlors on every street corner and the strip clubs that seemed too many for a beach town of that size. And to counteract the strip clubs, churches surrounded the downtown area, both on the outskirts and within the town. The small stores were iconic of a beach town and many walls were decorated with murals of jazzy scenes. Here are a few pics I took:

First Baptist Church – it sits to the south of downtown Cocoa Beach.

Another trip to Satellite Beach

I am a self-proclaimed mountain-girl, but lately, the beach has brought in a certain allure that I can’t help but wonder if maybe there’s part of a beach gal hiding in there. With hubby’s new days off, and with me being off in the summer for the first time since I was an awkard teenager, we’ve been able to really enjoy being outdoors – when it’s not raining, of course. Thanks to wonderful family, we’ve been able to visit Satellite Beach twice this month! The weather has been just right: slightly breezy, warm and humid but not overwhelmingly so, and rain that has made its debut just at the right moments – when we’re inside! This pic was on the day we got there. The drive up had been spectacular, and once there, we took a quick walk on the beach, only to scurry on inside because of the storm approaching from the west.

I’ll update with some more snipets and pics in upcoming posts. These will include day drips to Cocoa Beach and Historic Downtown Melbourne. Stay tuned! 🙂